Walking Our Flax & Reclaiming Boundaries

Saturday 6th November | 1:30-3:30 PM | Session led by Raisa Kabir | At Linacre Mission

In ancient times, land workers and farmers in Linacre, would walk the bounds and share knowledge between generations. Raisa Kabir invites you to join us on a weaving walk exploring our land and flax heritage, weaving as we go.

Raisa will share with you her research into local land rituals and practices found in the Crosby Library’s archive. Afterwards, we will head to North Park to act out the old ways of marking our land through a group weaving performance. In the process, we will create a weave together using a back-strap loom, marking the steps we take and reclaiming our park as a space which belongs to people.

Warming drinks and refreshments available at each session. Please email hello@ruleofthrees.co.uk to book your place.

**Please wear sensible shoes and clothing, as we will be outside for part of the session. In the event of bad weather, the session will remain in-doors and focus on poems and language around the land.


We greatly encourage all attendees to wear masks and get a covid test before coming to our events, to keep everyone in our community safe and well. Masks & hand sanitiser will be available, and where possible, sessions will be held outside. Windows will be open and the space well ventilated. Sign in/ track and trace is required on entry to ensure we can contact attendees. We kindly ask everyone to be respectful of personal space and individual needs.

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A Field Of Flax

A project by Raisa Kabir, Rule of Threes Arts and Taking Root

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