Winnowing Phase

“Winnowing” is the process of using a gentle breeze to naturally blow away and separate any husk particles from seeds. As we collected our flax seeds, we started thinking about the other particles in the air, how they affect us, and our natural environment as an indictor for air quality.

Join us for a community-led micro-research project around air quality in Bootle with Senior Researcher, Ivan Gee, from LJMU’s Public Health Department and artist Greg Herbert. Over a few informal meetups, we will speculate about air quality in the area using lichens in nature as our guide, before using simple air quality monitors to track and understand local air quality and test our assumptions. After collecting our data, we will creatively communicate our findings together and map out what we find.

Introduction: lichens, nature & air quality

Saturday 26th February 11:00am – 1:00pm

Join us for our first session, where we will explore local green spaces in Bootle for lichens — a cross between algae and lichen which form on trees and are bio-indicators of air quality. We will make speculations about what we think is happening in the atmosphere and what particles might be in the air. 

Using Air Beam Monitors

Saturday 19th March 11:00am – 1:00pm

On our second walk, Senior Researcher Ivan Gee will teach you how to use “Air Beams”, practice monitoring the air quality and understand the data. After the session, small groups will be given the air beams to take them away and monitor the air over three weeks. 

Creative Mapping

Saturday 2nd April 11:00am – 1:00pm

For our final session, we will come together, combine our findings and work to creatively communicate our findings through a mapping workshop.

For each session we will gather at South Park Community Hub. To join our research group, please email to book your place — families welcome.

This project is inspired by conversations about Air Quality had with volunteers from Taking Root, during our flax growing project with Raisa Kabir in 2021. Taking Root is a network of growers in Bootle, concerned with circular living and caring for our green spaces.

About Greg and Ivan’s work

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A Field Of Flax

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