Past Events

Walking Our Flax, Reclaiming Boundaries

Saturday 6th November

In ancient times, land workers and farmers in Linacre, would walk the bounds and share knowledge between generations. Raisa Kabir invites you to join us on a weaving walk exploring our land and flax heritage, weaving as we go.

More information about this event here.

Commoning, Organising & Futuring.

Building on the learning and themes of flax’s project, we invited our community in Bootle, Liverpool and a bit further afield to a series of free, in person gatherings and online sharing that create space for reflection and organising with the community. The sessions will allow us to collectively explore the environment, land and future projects that might emerge, which can evolve and be developed together.


Land Justice talk with Kim Graham of Shared Assets 

Thursday 14 October | 2.00- 3.30pm | The Community Hub, South Park

Join Kim Graham conversation exploring Land Justice in the UK, and open up a dialogue about community land ownership models, and community-led frameworks to ensure everyone has access to shared space.

More about this event, Kim and Shared Assets work here.

Bird Seed Sculpture making with artist Georgia Gendall of Allotment Club

Saturday 16 October | 1.00- 2.30pm | The Community Hub, South Park

Following the groundswell interest in community growing spaces, artist Georgia Gendall will join us to lead a bird seed sculpture making session, and share her experiences of developing a series of artist recidencies from an allotment in Penryth.

More about this event, Georgia and her Allotment Club here.

Virtual Tour of Phytology by Michael Smythe

Late October | Online Takeover

Exploring how to connect micro landscapes and ‘in-between’ spaces in urban and city landscapes, adding greenery to what would otherwise be barren swathes of concrete and asphalt. Michael will offer a virtual field guide of Phytology — a cultural institute, and medicinal field situated within Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in London — sharing his knowledge and experiences of developing urban wildness, harvestable medicine, alternative urban planning and the role of biodiversity within the modern city along the way.

More about Michael and Phytology here.



Air Quality Monitoring Walk in Bootle with Dr. Ivan Gee

Responding to interests in the local environment that have arisen during A Field of Flax, we’re convening a session to explore how to put knowledge in the hands of those directly impacted by local environmental issues, such the high air pollution levels in Bootle.

More information about the event and Ivan’s work here.



IN GATHERING // WE CONNECT // AS REMEMBERING <3  with Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson

Join us for a guided gathering ritual and space-making experience, inspiring deep listening and dialogue with the earth and our local environment lead by artist & educator, Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson.

More information about the event, Lateisha and their work here.

“Commoning, Futuring & Organising” has been curated and produced by Mary Jane Edwards, bringing together thoughts and themes which have arisen from our flax growing project.

A Field Of Flax

A project by Raisa Kabir, Rule of Threes Arts and Taking Root

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