Time-Warp: Sustaining Cloth

Saturday 27th November | 2:00-4:30pm [2.5 hours] |Session led by Raisa Kabir | At Linacre Mission

Weaving together past and future; you are invited to help create a collective sustainable artwork using recycled materials. Using loom weights created by local residents in July this year at Bootle Library, we will use a warp loom to create a tapestry using recycled clothes or cloth.

A simple and ancient loom — warp looms have been used by humans since the Stone Age. You are invited to bring along your unwanted textiles and participate in working with a warp-loom, using your old cloth to create an artwork with. We will also chat about future sustainability and the textiles industries’ ethics as we work.

Warming drinks and refreshments available at each session. Please email hello@ruleofthrees.co.uk to book your place.


We greatly encourage all attendees to wear masks and get a covid test before coming to our events, to keep everyone in our community safe and well. Masks & hand sanitiser will be available, and where possible, sessions will be held outside. Windows will be open and the space well ventilated. Sign in/ track and trace is required on entry to ensure we can contact attendees. We kindly ask everyone to be respectful of personal space and individual needs.

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