Air Quality Monitoring Walk in Bootle with Dr Ivan Gee

Responding to interests in the local environment that have arisen during A Field of Flax, we’re convening a session to explore how to put knowledge in the hands of those directly impacted by local environmental issues, such the high air pollution levels in Bootle.

In collaboration with Dr Ivan Gee, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University we’ll take a collective walk around Bootle with air quality monitors. Together we’ll learn how to monitor and understand air quality in the local area, which regularly breaches legal limits and exceeds PM10 & NO2 levels, and what can be done to improve it.

If you would like to join us, please email to let us know you are coming along and so we can send over any extra details.

About Dr. Ivan Gee:

Ivan Gee is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health contributing to research projects, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and PhD supervision.

Ivan’s research interests have focussed on environmental impacts on health. He has had a particular focus on tobacco related research and has conducted work that has supported the development of the Smokefree 07 legislation in England and informed recent national advertising campaigns. Ivan is also interested in the impact of other environmental exposures on health particularly the impact of poor air quality in our local communities.

Ivan teaches a range of subjects including epidemiology, research methods, health protection and tobacco control.

Information about Ivan & LJMU

Ivan’s Twitter / LJMU Public Health Institute’s Twitter / Linkedin

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